What are some of the strongest strains and spores in Australia?

Do you receive customers in your dispensary who enquires about the availability of the most popular weed strains in Australia? If you turn them away because you do not have any in stock, then it is high time you start growing the strongest weed strain in Australia to appease all your clients. If you do not have prior experience in growing such strains, then here are some of our recommendations for you:


Indica strains you are looking for a strain that can help you relax and sleep at night, then befriend this native Indica strain of Australia. These plants are pretty shorter and bushier than the Australian Sativa strains. Indica buds have always been famous for usage at night because of their mind and body numbing effects. Most of the potent Indica strains in Australia have a THC of 18-19%, which will give you the ultimate high. The earthy aromas of such strains will calm your mind and will reduce your insomnia considerably. 



  • Aussie mushrooms

The ones who are super ready to grow potent mushrooms of Australia can start their journey with Aussie mushroom sporesContrary to popular opinion, growing magic mushrooms is not challenging if you get hold of growing kits. You can quite a variety of Aussie mushrooms, each having its distinct characteristics and flavor. Read about the mushroom spore description and the growing instructions to be prepared to grow it in your backyard. In contrast, some Australian magic mushrooms can offer you a burst of energy and helps you to come up with innovative and productive ideas. Other mushroom spores might help you get rid of your work stress and let you enjoy some hours of sleep regularly. Also, growing mushrooms does not demand a hefty investment if you source the product from a reliable supplier or a manufacturer and follow the mushroom cultivation guide thoroughly.


  • Golden cap mushrooms

If you have seen representations of magic mushrooms in the golden screen, it was highly likely Golden cap spores. This is one of the most sought-after psychedelic mushroom species, and it belongs to the family of cubensis. It has always been the preferred choice for beginners because you can grow it in huge batches successfully on the first go. You can cultivate this in your home in a sterile environment with a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


All the Australian strains and magic mushrooms mentioned above are widely available, so make sure to go for quality products only to ensure a good yield.


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