How to grow Strawberry Cough and Rainbow Kush marijuana

In recent years, there is a trend of growing and consuming weed, like cannabis. You may have also thought of following the culture of growing cannabis in your yard. It is cost-effective to grow cannabis and put quality buds in a jar. The hardy plant, marijuana, can grow in different climates. However, based on your chosen cannabis strain, you have to focus on the growing conditions.

Rainbow Kush-

Rainbow Kush is a hybrid strain with more than 16% THC. This balanced hybrid is a blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. You will have a pleasant mood after consuming this straining.

How to cultivate Rainbow Kush-

You can grow the Rainbow Kush plant from seeds. It is essential to focus on some factors for better growth of the plant. Let the seeds germinate properly, and then, you can plant your saplings in the ground. Add some fertilizers to the soil and ensure that the pH value should range from 6.0 to 7.0. The pH value can make a difference in the coloration. Moreover, you must ensure that the leaves of the plant receive a good amount of light. For your indoor growing environment, you can use High Discharge lamps.


Temperature is another factor affecting the colour. The night-time temperature should be low. The colour of leaves can range from yellow to purple. In this case, the daytime temperature should be between 76 and 81 degrees. On the contrary, the temperature at night needs to range from 65 to 70 degrees. Maintain the right temperature level to find bright leaves. You can now buy Rainbow Kush seeds from the best seed bank Australia and grow the plant in your yard.

Strawberry Cough-

It is a Sativa-dominant strain with a strawberry smell. The fruity strain will give you motivating and euphoric effects. Originally, it was a clone-only strain. However, today, you can find Strawberry Cough seeds for sale. You may purchase those seeds for cultivation.


Guide to cultivating Strawberry Cough-

The warm climatic region with temperatures ranging from 70F to 85F is perfect for the growth of Strawberry Cough. While growing the plant in an indoor space, you must protect it from the cold environment. High temperatures help in the production of better quality buds. Basic nutrients and regular pruning will help in the optimal growth of the plant.

This brief guide will be helpful for you to grow different strains of cannabis. Look for seed banks to purchase their seeds. These banks also sell psilocybe cubensis Australia.

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